Japanese Psychedelia 1968-1974


Welcome to Global Psychedelia with your host The New Elastic Infinite.  My very first show in August of 2014 was contemporary Noisy Japanese psychedelia, and today’s show is the roots of my favorite psychedelic music: Japanese psychedelia!  This is two hours that spans 1968-1974, from the Group Sounds to soundtrack, Jap-prog and proto-metal, to avant-garde.  Check out the show tomorrow, April 4th, 2015 on WEFT 90.1 and streaming live at  p.s. check out Julian Cope’s JapRock Sampler for great info on these bands.  I’ll be sharing some of his insights on tomorrows show.  Also, please support local radio and keep shows like this one live on the air by pledging/donating to WEFT at

The Mops . The Psychedelic Sounds of Japan . Atsuku Nareai . 1968 . Victor

The Jacks (ジャックスの世界). Vacant World . Gloomy Flower . 1968 . Express

The Apryl Fool (エイプリル・フール)…

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By Martina Marcela

Muppet que le hace a la arqueología y de pronto narra cosas que escucha por ahí.

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